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For just $9 you can save a cat who could end up saving you

9 Lives for 9 Dollars Adoption Promotion June 21st - 30th

Did you know there are more than nine reasons you might be healthier when sharing your life with cats, or that for $9 you can become part of a nationwide life-saving movement? A special promotion is taking place at shelters and rescue groups across the United States, supported by national animal welfare organization Best Friends Animal Society and funded in part by PetSmart Charities®.

Adopt any cat or kitten ages 9 months or older from DHA for just $9 during the "9 Lives for $9" adoption event from June 21st through 30th and become part of something important.

This adoption fee discount is available whether you adopt from the DHA shelter on A Street in Wilmington, or any of our satellite adoption centers.

For 10 days in June, we are making it easy for people to meet our fabulous felines who are ready to go home with you. And for just $9, you can save a cat who could end up saving you! Every day 9,000 animals are killed in shelters simply because they don’t have homes. Just by adopting a cat or two, everyone can be part of the nationwide movement to end the killing of adoptable, treatable animals.

When you perform the lifesaving act of adopting cats, your life is better too. You are bringing purring balls of love into your home that can help you lower your risk of a heart attack, boost your immune system, reduce your blood pressure, and a whole host of other health benefits, too. Plus if laughter is the best medicine, cats can provide a daily dose with their antics or just snuggle up and let you know everything’s going to be okay.

This adoption event is part of Best Friends Animal Society’s national mission of No More Homeless Pets®, which aims to end the killing of dogs and cats in America’s shelters. DHA is a participating member of the No More Homeless Pets® Network, a program of Best Friends Animal Society, which offers help and support to animal rescue groups that save lives in their communities.

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