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Give a homeless animal a Home for the Holidays... or beyond!

It is that time of the year again where we take stock of what we are thankful for and celebrate the abundance in our lives with friends, family, and furry companions. We all wish that every animal was in a loving forever home during the holiday season. But as we look around here at Delaware Humane Association, we see all the hopeful faces of the animals who are still waiting to be adopted.

Some of the cats and dogs at DHA have been waiting for a longer time, in some cases years, for their “someone special” to come along. We would like to give these deserving animals a break from shelter life through our Home for the Holidays foster program, which runs from December 1, 2013 – January 3, 2014.

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Fostering is a rewarding experience for people as well as the animals they are helping. We feel that giving these animals a break from the unavoidable stresses of the shelter environment, even for a shorter period, can be psychologically beneficial.

Among other reasons, many of our long-term residents are overlooked by adopters because they are not outgoing. Being shy and timid, it takes them a little longer than the average cat or dog to warm up to new people and let their personalities shine. Placement in a foster home gives animals like these a chance to relax and come out of their shells. And in some cases, it turns into a love connection and a forever home for the fostered animal—adoptions by foster parents are welcome!

DHA will provide all necessary supplies (food, crates, bedding, litter box, litter, toys, etc.), and medical care for the animals. Our staff will also provide you with foster care guidelines and training if needed, and will be available to help you if questions arise. All you need to provide is individual attention for your foster animal, a stress-free environment, and of course, plenty of TLC! Please note that not all of the dogs available for fostering will be a good match for every home.

Since the goal of the Home for the Holidays foster program is to give the animals enough time in a home to relax and unwind, we ask that  fosters plan to keep the cat or dog you choose through the end of the holiday season.

If you would like to give a DHA cat or dog a home for the holidays, please contact Operations Assistant David Owens at dowens@dehumane.org  or (302) 571-0111 ext. 313. You can download a Foster Program application to print and fill out ahead of time at dehumane.org/foster.


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