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Adoption Fee Facts

Every animal that DHA intakes is provided with a basic standard of care to prepare them for adoption, including spay/neuter surgery, testing for common diseases, vaccinations, and microchipping. The majority of animals that enter our shelter have NOT received this care prior to their arrival. The costs can add up to a significant amount for DHA, and our adoption fees help us recover only a portion of these expenses.




Veterinary Exam $40 Veterinary Exam $40
Microchip $25 Microchip $25
Spay/Neuter Surgery $120 Spay/Neuter Surgery $50
Initial Deworming $10 Initial Deworming $10
Core Vaccinations $30 Core Vaccinations $40
Frontline $10 Frontline $10
Heartworm Test $25 FeLV/FIV Test $25
Food and Board for one week $140 Food and Board for one week $112

Average Adoption Fee   (-$125) Average Adoption Fee   (-$75)
YOU SAVE   $275 YOU SAVE   $237

Dog being vaccinatedA dog being vaccinated by DHA medical staff